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The Legends Trading program was developed by traders for traders. Our team of Industry Professionals have experience from in front of the screen as Traders, Risk Managers, Brokers, CTA's and Algo trading.  Our Evaluation Apprenticeship Plans  and Performance Center help you to analyze your trading and risk management to get your trading to the Master Level.

Choose the plan that best suits your skill and comfort level. Then, start trading in our Live Evaluation account.

Step 1

Select your Evaluation

Select the Path of your Trading Journey

  • Select the Evaluation package that fits your Risk Management Style best



Step 2

Apprenticeship Evaluation

Subscribe to a Legends Apprenticeship to begin!

  • Achieve the package designated profit goals
  • Do not trigger or dip below your Max Trailing or Max Daily Risk
Step 3

Master Trading Account

Reach Performance Benchmarks and the opportunity to receive Real Money Payouts!

  • Continue to generate Profits above the Minimum Required Account Balance


  • Do not trigger or dip below your Max Trailing or Max Daily Risk

  • Take Profits Monthly via your Legends Dashboard 


Apprentice Legend Account Plans

Our Funded Trading Account Packages


Max 4 contracts / 40 micros

Price: $145   $79/month

  • $1,500 profit goal
  • $1,500 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 10 contracts / 50 micros

Price: $165   $119/month

  • $3,000 profit goal
  • $2,000 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 14 contracts / 70 micros

Price: $205   $159/month

  • $6,000 profit goal
  • $3,000 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 17 contracts / 85 micros

Price: $295   $209/month

  • $9,000 profit goal
  • $4,000 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 25 contracts / 125 micros

Price: $505   $399/month

  • $15,000 profit goal
  • $4,500 trailing max loss
  • 10 days
Practice Account

Price:   $68/month

  • Includes Level 1 CME Bundle
  • Access To Ninja Trader & Tradovate
  • Access to Tradingview
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Legends Trading Guidelines

Minimum Trading Days

To be considered for a funded trade account, candidates must achieve the targeted profit goals designated in their selected plan and trade for a minimum of 10 days.

Maximum trading days are not designated.

Max Position

Each product package allows a specified maximum number of contracts or positions sizes to be traded at any given time.

This represents the max open positions across available products.

Profit Goals

Each product package has a set profit goal or net target yield required to advance to the next step.

Traders who reach their subscription renewal date without achieving the profit threshold will roll over the positive balance.

Trailing Max Loss

The Trailing Max Loss is the minimum account balance that trails with your profits generated in the account. Manage equity exposure to maximize your profit potential.

Daily Max Loss

Demonstrate your risk management skills by staying under your selected product package’s daily max loss threshold.

If you exceed your daily max loss, your positions will be closed, so it is imperative to watch your dailies closely.

No Restricted Trading Days

There are no blackout days on the Legends Trading platform. We want you to succeed by making our terms simple and easy to use.

Specific Products

Enjoy enhanced market access through the NinjaTrader and Tradeovate platforms. Trade US futures markets like S & P, Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Gold, Nanao, Bitcoin, and others.

Trading Times

Execute your trades from market open to one minute before the market closes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Legends Trading quick-start packages are easy to use. Select one of our trading packages based on your goals, skills, and comfort level. Trade in our Live Evaluation, and if you achieve the designated profit goal for the package you’ve selected, properly managing your risk and position size, and trade for ten days you are eligible to move to step 2.

The Legends Trading programs are designed to simultaneously test your trading strategy and risk management skills. If you exceed your Max Daily Limit or Max Drawdown, your current evaluation will be disqualified from funding. You will need to purchase a Reset or wait until the renewal of your subscription for a complimentary Rest for Disqualified clients.

While managing risk is one of the most important aspects of trading, making a consistent profit is also an essential criterion. The 10-day rule is the minimum needed for the Evaluation to be considered accurate, but candidates can take as long as they need to pass the evaluation.

Becoming a Legends Funded Trader can happen in as little as 10 days. First, you’ll demonstrate your skill in our Live Evaluation. Then, if you meet the simple criteria of that process, you’ll move on to the Live Simulation in Step 2. If you meet the requirements in our Live Simulation, you’ll be eligible for evaluation by one of our Funding Partners.

The Legends Master Step is to identify Future Legends that can show consistency in their performance. Once you’ve met the qualifications of minimum days traded and the profit goal, you’ll be able to request a profit payout through Plane.

After being approved as a Master account, you’ll be able to request payouts through Plane.

Once you are matched with one of our funding partners, your trades will be executed through a regulated, licensed brokerage. Simply log into the client portal and request funds which will be processed within 1-5 days.

Legends Trading offers trade execution on NinjaTrader and Tradeovate.

Yes. You can manage multiple accounts at one time using the same credentials. Raising capital for your trading has never been easier than a few clicks away.