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About Legends Trading

Legends Trading was developed to help the most talented candidates in our global trading community leverage the exponential power of capital funding to produce a more significant profit profile from their existing skills and experience. In short, to make legends of traders.

Our mission in creating Legends Trading was to build the type of platform we wished we had access to all these years. The kind that empowers talented traders to grow their income more rapidly within a risk-managed framework.

Legends Trading operates at the intersection of talent, capital, and technology.

The Legends Trading team comprises traders, brokers, CTA, Educators. We know the Futures markets and understand how to empower talented traders to succeed.

The Genesis of Legends Trading

Legends Trading started from a conversation between our founding partners about leveraging gains in the Futures markets and providing accelerated funding to qualified traders. Having all started as a type of trader, broker, educator in the Futures Markets, we all know how much hard work goes into becoming successful in this space. To succeed, you need great skill and significant capital investment to make your trades work and produce sizable returns.

The world is filled with skilled, experienced traders, and we want to fund the best among them. However, before referring them to our funding partners, we needed a way to test them first.

So, we engineered a unique program to analyze our candidate’s aptitudes for trading and managing risk. From that program emerged an excellent talent pool.

One that we felt confident funding in real-world scenarios. The rest is Legends Trading history.

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The Unique Legends Trading Technology

Powered by NinjaTrader and Tradeovate platforms, our easy-to-use, cloud-based app is designed to quickly get traders up and running.

The Legends Trading program was built for flexibility and speed to suit multiple interfaces.
Whether on PC, Mac, or mobile, trade globally, 24-7.

  • 1. Download for Windows or Mac
  • 2. Log in using Google Chrome or other browsers
  • 3. Easy app download for iPad, iPhone, and Android

Advanced Trade Management

Protect open positions with auto-stop and target orders and self-tightening trailing stops.

Cost Savings

Traders enjoy discounted commissions and low margins for futures.

Automated Trading

Construct, evaluate, and execute automated trading strategies using “point and click” development.

High Liquidity

Enter & Exit trades quickly and easily and focus on timing your entries & exits.

Enhanced Market Access

  • Futures
  • Micro E-mini Futures
  • Micro Bitcoin Futures
  • Micro Crude Oil Futures
  • Nano Bitcoin Futures

Award Winning

NinjaTrader was voted the best brokerage for trading futures by Benzinga 2021.

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