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Become a Funded Trader in as Little as 10 Days

The Legends Trading mission is simple; to partner with the most talented traders and accelerate their success potential with funded trading accounts.

Why? Because significant gains only happen when talent meets capital.

Futures is a great space where legends are made, but futures trading requires large buy-ins. That's where Legends Trading provides a unique success platform for traders worldwide who want to level up their trading game!

  • Trade up to $250,000 on multiple accounts
  • Manage multiple accounts at the same time or individually
  • Keep up to 90% of the profits you generate on your Virtual Account
  • Request payouts up to twice a month
  • Harness the power of Ninja Trader (TR) and Tradovate
  • Mobile Trading. Enjoy easy, secure mobile access on Mac and PC
  • Trader Dashboard 
  • Access to CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX

Utilize NinjaTrader and Tradovate to manage your success.

Trade on Mobile, Mac, and PC with ease.

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How It Works.

Our Simple 3-Step Evaluation Process

Choose your path

Choose an Apprentice Account Plan


Choose an Account Size that best suits your trading style.


Enter the Trading Combine

Proof Of Potential

Demonstrate your trading skills and strategy using our Legend Trading Simulation Account. Reach the Profit Goal and the Minimum number of days to trade without triggering a liquidation to prove yourself and pass the Challenge.


Qualify for Master Account

Funding Your Future

After passing the apprenticeship, your Account will transition to a Simulation Master Account. Continue managing your risk, Earn rewards on your profitable trades.

  • Choose a Funded Trading Account Plan
  • Pass the Trading Combine
  • Qualify for Master Account

Apprentice Legends Account Plans

Our Funded Trading Account Packages


Max 4 contracts / 40 micros

Price: $165   $79/month

  • $1,500 profit goal
  • $1,500 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 10 contracts / 50 micros

Price: $185   $119/month

  • $3,000 profit goal
  • $2,000 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 14 contracts / 70 micros

Price: $225   $159/month

  • $6,000 profit goal
  • $3,000 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 17 contracts / 85 micros

Price: $320   $209/month

  • $9,000 profit goal
  • $4,000 trailing max loss
  • 10 days

Max 25 contracts / 125 micros

Price: $535   $399/month

  • $15,000 profit goal
  • $4,500 trailing max loss
  • 10 days
Practice Account


Price:   $68/month

  • Includes Level 1 CME Bundle
  • Access to Ninja Trader & Tradovate
  • Access to Tradingview
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Why Trading Legends?

With our experience in the Futures Industry from Trading, Managing Funds, Brokerage, Risk. We understand the Futures market and the challenges that Traders face across this environment. Our team has the expertise to spot talent and nurture their skills to create Legends!


Trade on your schedule and your terms. Legends Trading provides product packages to suit your individual needs whether you’re just getting started or ready to trade six figures.

Global Access.

The Legends Trading platform offers Global Access. Trade globally, 24-7. We foster relationships with skilled traders all over the world.

Success Tools.

Our robust knowledge base and resources empower our traders with the most up to date information and insight. Because when you win, we win!

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